roya lives on...

Roya's Memorial

Susan and Roya

roya was one of the greatest people i've ever met. she was the most compassionate and giving person. it only seemed like she only cared about the well-being of others. she never thought about herself first. i don't know why i'm making this memorial website for roya, but i feel that it will help express the important effect roya has on me. when we used to spend the weekends together volunteering at community events, she reminded me the importance of helping others in need. upon finding out about roya's death, i immediately began to blame myself for not keeping in touch with roya during the year. i kept thinking that maybe if i had visited, things would be totally different. i guess that was a selfish thought, because in reality, my not keeping in touch roya had no effect on her death. i just feel so helpless because roya died of cancer and i had no control over it. people keep telling me to learn from roya's death and try to be a better person. i wish that i would have been a better person without roya dying. i will never forget roya and i promise to try to be half the person roya was. roya's senior quote sums up her life:

i just found this email i received from roya at the beginning of freshman year (college). i thought i'd paste it here, because it just shows what kind of person roya was.
1.????? My name: Terry Liao
2.????? Where did we meet?: that old computer class in the summer, of course!
3.????? Take a stab at my middle name: oh god.. don't make me attempt this!
4.????? How long have you known me?: since the summer before 6th grade I think
5.????? How well do you know me? pretty well
6.????? Do I smoke?: absolutely not
7.????? Do I believe in God?: I'm not positive about this one... I know you don't belong to any specific religion... but I think you have some faith... you could actually fill me in - I'd like to know :)
8.????? When you first saw me what was your impression?: I don't know... I thought: yay! another girl in this class! ha ha.. really, I thought - she seems nice... I think we can be friends
9.????? My age?: 18
10.???? Birthday?: I think it's in June... ? please fill me in on this one! maybe the 14th? I don't really remember... no, maybe in the 20's.
11.???? Color hair?: black
12.???? Color eyes: dark brown
13.???? Do I have any siblings?: younger sister - that you adore! :) and older sister - that you adore more! :)
14.???? (If opposite sex) Have you ever had a crush on me?:
15.?????? (If same sex) Have you ever been jealous of me?: well, maybe of your quick mind in math and science...
16.???? What's one of my favorite things to do?: umm, watch movies? listen to music? maybe... write with adorable pens :)
17.???? Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you? that's a hard one... not really
18.???? What's my favourite type of music?: I'd say you like pop... like me :)
20.???? Am I shy or outgoing? you can be outgoing once you're comfortable in your group of friends
21.???? Would you say I am funny?: in your own way, yeah
22.???? Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?: I think you follow the rules, more or less
23.???? Would you consider me a friend?: absolutely!
24.???? Would you call me preppy, slutty, ahomie, average, sporty,punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else?: umm, normal :)
25.???? Have you ever seen me cry?: I don't think so - don't particularly remember if I did
26.???? If there were one good nickname for me what would it be?: Terr!
27.???? Are my parents still together? yup
28.???? What do I love? (pretty general,huh?!): too general! umm... chemistry? Mr. Levine? yeah! that's it! :o)

if anyone wants to add anything to this page, please email me. i will be glad to put it up.