ok so this where i put all my cool pictures. i usually upload all my friends' pictures onto ecircles, therefore i will only have rare pictures of myself here. i hope you don't think i'm self-centered. i'm only uploading good pictures of me. let me tell you, i am definitely NOT photogenic. i only look good in like 1 out of 302958 pictures! anyway, my pictures are put in time order. notice how i get uglier as i get older. =) hehe. anyway have fun looking at them. don't get blinded!:p no i'm not drunk or high in any of my pictures, so please don't ask me about that!

teresa at cty '98 (left asian girl)
teresa in may 2000
shirley, imee, and teresa
chris and teresa at prom june 1, 2000
shirley, jane, teresa, laura, and howard june 2000
teresa, tony, alvin, and shirley june 2000
charles and teresa
teresa after a ghetto party october 28, 2000
jaime, teresa, julyan, and ashley (before hitting the frats) january 20, 2001
my friends at cmu on may 9, 2001
tania and teresa before going out august 31, 2001
teresa before going out february 22, 2002
carnival at cmu
tania's bday 5/4/02
imee's bbq 5/24/02
teresa on the food fest cruise in june 2002
steph's 21st bday november 9, 2002
teresa on the phone 2/24/03
teresa,lynne, leslie, tania in redneck destin, fl