hi everyone. this page is supposed to be dedicated to myself. i really have nothing to say about myself except that i'm easily picked on. to all my friends out there. stop laughing at me! i didn't do anything funny to laugh at! :)

name: teresa
age: 20 (i'm no longer a teenager :()
birthday: july 22, 1982
foods i love: i'm a very picky eater, but i love anything with pasta! i miss chinese food!
foods i hate: mushrooms, weird chinese seafood & parts of animals, campus food!
favorite tv shows: x-files, felicity, jeopardy, friends, iron chef, will & grace, and er.
things i like to do: bake, watch basketball, talk on the phone, go online, shop, watch movies, go out and do stuff!
favorite bands: nine inch nails,sarah mclachlan, john mayer, eminem, and michelle branch