asianjade3 (3:51:14 AM): hey is this max?
mkh8sn8 (3:53:26 AM): yea
mkh8sn8 (3:53:27 AM): whats up
asianjade3 (3:54:09 AM): hahah
asianjade3 (3:54:23 AM): we met at the matrix
mkh8sn8 (3:56:29 AM): oh yea
mkh8sn8 (3:56:32 AM): sweet
mkh8sn8 (3:56:37 AM): what hav eyou been up to
asianjade3 (3:56:47 AM): i introduced you to my friend julyan
mkh8sn8 (3:56:52 AM): uh huh, i remmeber
asianjade3 (3:56:54 AM): i'm teresa
asianjade3 (3:56:55 AM): sure you do
asianjade3 (3:57:23 AM): hey if you're drunk we can talk later
asianjade3 (3:57:28 AM): :-)
mkh8sn8 (3:59:42 AM): yea, im a little drunk
mkh8sn8 (3:59:44 AM): but lets talk now
mkh8sn8 (3:59:48 AM): what did you do tonight
asianjade3 (4:00:33 AM): yeah we're a lil drunk too
mkh8sn8 (4:00:40 AM): haha
asianjade3 (4:00:57 AM): we went to the dancer symposium afterparty
mkh8sn8 (4:01:16 AM): where was that?
asianjade3 (4:01:20 AM): cozumel
mkh8sn8 (4:01:26 AM): oh, thats rihgt near where i live
mkh8sn8 (4:01:28 AM): in shadyside
asianjade3 (4:02:01 AM): how come we didn't know this earlier?
mkh8sn8 (4:02:15 AM): haha, i dont know
asianjade3 (4:02:19 AM): so what'd you do
mkh8sn8 (4:02:20 AM): i can acutally see cozumel from my kitchen
mkh8sn8 (4:02:28 AM): nothing really, i just hung out at my frat tongiht
asianjade3 (4:03:09 AM): how much did you drink
asianjade3 (4:03:18 AM): oh and do you have any cute friends who aren't asses
mkh8sn8 (4:03:47 AM): i didnt drink all that much, im sobering up now
mkh8sn8 (4:03:59 AM): hmm, most du's are assholes, sameer i guess?
asianjade3 (4:04:03 AM): eww
mkh8sn8 (4:04:12 AM): you're nuts, he is a stud
asianjade3 (4:04:22 AM): i'll have to disaree
asianjade3 (4:04:24 AM): disagree
mkh8sn8 (4:04:33 AM): i hear that he's been hitting the gym lately and that he's ripped
mkh8sn8 (4:04:45 AM): six pack, big muscles, etc....
asianjade3 (4:04:47 AM): yeah right
mkh8sn8 (4:04:51 AM): haha
asianjade3 (4:05:14 AM): yeah du guys are assholes no offense
mkh8sn8 (4:05:25 AM): i know, we cant shake that reputation
mkh8sn8 (4:05:29 AM): what du's do you guys know?
asianjade3 (4:05:51 AM): i only know steve the asian
asianjade3 (4:06:03 AM): oh and my friend knows brian
mkh8sn8 (4:06:18 AM): uh huh, steve chiou and brian mccarthy
asianjade3 (4:06:22 AM): yeah the swimmers
mkh8sn8 (4:06:36 AM): right
mkh8sn8 (4:06:45 AM): so how was that afterparty
asianjade3 (4:06:51 AM): well we didn't go
mkh8sn8 (4:06:59 AM): why not
asianjade3 (4:07:05 AM): we went too late and it was too crowded
mkh8sn8 (4:07:22 AM): geez, i wish i had gone
asianjade3 (4:08:09 AM): so my friend julyan was looking for you at matrix
asianjade3 (4:08:19 AM): because you disappeared
mkh8sn8 (4:08:19 AM): yea, i kinda had to cut out early
mkh8sn8 (4:08:35 AM): my roommate and his gf were my ride home and they abruptly decided to leave
asianjade3 (4:09:03 AM): that's a good excuse then
mkh8sn8 (4:09:44 AM): i guess i could've walked home, but that wouldn't have been fun
asianjade3 (4:09:51 AM): that's really far
asianjade3 (4:09:55 AM): i'd never walk home
mkh8sn8 (4:10:06 AM): it would be awful, i bet i'd still be walking now
asianjade3 (4:10:22 AM): haha
asianjade3 (4:10:44 AM): so you usually just hang out with your brothers?
mkh8sn8 (4:11:12 AM): kinda, im graduating this year, so ive been hanging out w/ them a lot more
mkh8sn8 (4:11:31 AM): just because i won't be seeing them all for a whle
asianjade3 (4:11:33 AM): hey so tell me the truth, you don't really remember us
mkh8sn8 (4:11:38 AM): no, i mos def do
mkh8sn8 (4:11:46 AM): there were 6 of you i think
mkh8sn8 (4:11:51 AM): and you were friends w/ yan
mkh8sn8 (4:11:58 AM): and we were all dancing near the bar
asianjade3 (4:12:08 AM): wow you have a good memory
asianjade3 (4:12:14 AM): we don't even know how many of us there were
mkh8sn8 (4:12:29 AM): oh please, i wouldn't forget an evening like that
asianjade3 (4:12:36 AM): aww
mkh8sn8 (4:12:58 AM): ok teresa, i need to get my beauty sleep
mkh8sn8 (4:12:58 AM): haha
mkh8sn8 (4:13:06 AM): but give julyan my im name, we should talk
asianjade3 (4:13:25 AM): her sn is julyan1004 :-)
asianjade3 (4:13:39 AM): you should surprise her
mkh8sn8 (4:13:55 AM): ha, i will
mkh8sn8 (4:14:05 AM): alright, well it was nice talking to you teresa
mkh8sn8 (4:14:09 AM): gnight
asianjade3 (4:14:10 AM): okay nice talkin to you
asianjade3 (4:14:11 AM): nite!
asianjade3 (4:14:47 AM): by the way i'm not a stalker
mkh8sn8 (4:14:55 AM): you so are
asianjade3 (4:14:57 AM): dude
asianjade3 (4:15:00 AM): im doing it for julyan
asianjade3 (4:15:00 AM): shh
mkh8sn8 (4:15:11 AM): haha
asianjade3 (4:15:14 AM): she has your sn
asianjade3 (4:15:15 AM): already
asianjade3 (4:15:16 AM): SHH
mkh8sn8 (4:15:17 AM): im definitely getting a restraining order on monday
asianjade3 (4:15:19 AM): WHAT
mkh8sn8 (4:15:30 AM): ha, im joking
mkh8sn8 (4:15:35 AM): did sameer give it to you guys
mkh8sn8 (4:15:37 AM): i think he hates me
asianjade3 (4:15:45 AM): haha we think he does too
asianjade3 (4:15:52 AM): he wouldnt give it to us for the longest time
mkh8sn8 (4:15:54 AM): why, what did he say about me
mkh8sn8 (4:15:56 AM): haha
asianjade3 (4:16:13 AM): i don't know
mkh8sn8 (4:16:14 AM): i always tease him about haivng 4 majors
asianjade3 (4:16:15 AM): were you mean to him?
asianjade3 (4:16:16 AM): HAHA
mkh8sn8 (4:16:18 AM): no, never
asianjade3 (4:16:20 AM): yeah that's just ridiculous
mkh8sn8 (4:16:21 AM): all in good fun
asianjade3 (4:16:24 AM): what an overachiever
mkh8sn8 (4:16:32 AM): ha, i tell him that his 4 equal 1 mechanical engineering degree
mkh8sn8 (4:16:35 AM): he gets so pissed
mkh8sn8 (4:16:52 AM): i just like to push his buttons
asianjade3 (4:17:05 AM): haha nothing wrong with that
mkh8sn8 (4:17:16 AM): nothing at all
asianjade3 (4:17:19 AM): :-)
mkh8sn8 (4:17:20 AM): ok, time for bed
mkh8sn8 (4:17:21 AM): ttyl
mkh8sn8 is away at 4:17:30 AM.