Thursday, September 5

michelle branch - goodbye to you

of all the things i've believed in
i just want to get it over with
tears form behind my eyes
but i do not cry
counting the days that pass me by

i've been searching deep down in my soul
words that i'm hearing
are starting to get old
it feels like i'm starting all over again
the last three years were just pretend
and i said,

goodbye to you
goodbye to everything i thought i knew
you were the one i loved
the one thing that i tried to hold on to

i still get lost in your eyes
and it seems that i can't live a day without you
closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away
to a place where
i am blinded by the light
but it's not right

goodbye to you
goodbye to everything i thought i knew
you were the one i loved
the one thing that i tried to hold on to

and it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time
i want what's yours
and i want what's mine
i want you
but i'm not giving in this time

goodbye to you
goodbye to everything i thought i knew
you were the one i loved
the one thing that i tried to hold on to
the one thing that i tried to hold on to

and when the stars fall
i will lie awake
you're my shooting star <3

Tuesday, September 3

mmmmmmm. i love white nectarines. they are so tasty. thanks mom and dad for buying them for me. :) so i finally got my business and society textbook. i was so excited it arrived today because i have to read it for a quiz tomorrow. i take the book out from the packaging and to my dismay, all the pages were detached from the spine! i was so angry. also, on the cover of the book said "the college store $2.00". i came back to my apartment and emailed the seller. he responded quickly and said i could either return it or get some of my money back. i just emailed him back saying i'm willing to pay $5.00 for it. i really need the book. i hope he agrees and gives me credit and doesn't screw me over. anyhow, i'm going to the gym today to work out.

by the way, for those who still visit my old domain,, it will be expiring in december, and i don't know if i want to keep it. also, if you guys saw a vulgar message on, it was from my ex-host, merlin. i have switched hosts due to personal reasons. this is why was down last weekend. ok i better hit the books! <3

good morning. i woke up at 9:50 a.m.! can you guys believe this? anyway, i removed the comment link because it was really slowing down my site. sorry guys. i will have to figure something out. i don't think anyone really comments on my site, so it won't be a problem. =p i have social psychology today. yay! :) well gotta go shower!

Monday, September 2

yes i know my site was down for a little while this weekend, but it was unavoidable. i am really getting sick of blogger and this stupid comments system, so i am going to attempt to use movabletype. my friend will try to teach me how to install it. so, i'm sorry about the broken comments. happy labor day. time for hw! :(

Friday, August 30

good morning! it's finally friday. :) yesterday i had my one class, social psychology. then i went to work at the library. after work i sold my accounting book. hurrah. i made $65! hehe. after lunch i went to the gym and worked out in a non-air conditioned room. it was sooo hot. i almost passed out. when i came back i immdediately went to shower off. i came back just in time to watch eminem perform. i read later that he had very poor sportmanship when he won "best male video of the year". hilary, lynne, and i went to see "mulholland drive". while we were in line waiting we asked the people from the 7:00 p.m. how the show was. they said it was "crazy and confusing". uh oh! indeed the movie was crazy. i had no idea what was going on. it made "memento" seem like a normal movie. ahh. we left early because the movie was just weird. i just remembered that i have an interview today with the head of the intenational office of education. i kind of hope i don't get the job so i don't have to quit my library job. anyhow, off to get ready for fun finance!

Wednesday, August 28

i finally got the battery for my cordless phone. yay i can use my own phone. today i have 5 classes. ahh. i have a 3 hour class at 6:30 p.m. i don't know if i'll survive. i am looking forward to the mtv video awards. hehe. i <3 usher. i just saw him on mtv. heehee. i already voted for michelle branch. i don't think she'll win, but at least i participated! sorry for not blogging that much. i just didn't feel like blogging during the past few days because of personal reasons. oh did i mention that i'm poor? stupid textbooks! :(

Tuesday, August 27

whatever. :(

Sunday, August 25

i went to tarjay today. i bought some things. it was nice. i bumped into a lot of cmu friends there. it was nice. :) i got to see lynne and julyan tonight. all my girlies are finally back at school. wooha. i can't believe school starts in a day. oh yeah, i stir fried baby bok choy today. i also attempted to make rice, but it came out hard. i had to cook it two more times before it was cooked. anyhow, i should be going to bed. good night everyone! <3