pacific ocean waikiki

Aloha from Hawaii!

I had quite a tumultuous week, but I am now vacationing in Hawaii, so life isn’t too bad. Yesterday, I went skydiving (second time in the past month) and it was amazing! I was bullied by the skydiving employee to upgrade my package to the “higher” jump so that I could get a 60 second freefall. She said “well if money is the issue…” No that’s not the issue! The issue is that I’m fearful of the freefall as I have trouble breathing due to terminal velocity (124 mph) winds in my face. My instructor at Pacific Skydiving, Brandon, was really good and I barely had to do any work except wave at my cameraman and blow him a kiss for the video. The view was amazing and it was well worth the fear. I guess I am kind of an adrenaline junkie? I really don’t get scared until they open the door of the airplane and the cold air rushes in and you know it’s time to jump! Once I get back home, I’ll upload some unflattering pictures of myself from the jump (the pictures are on a CD and my MB Air doesn’t have a CD drive). If you have skydiving on your bucketlist, you should definitely consider it if you’re in Hawaii. The views are beautiful and the plane actually fits more than four people. I won’t even go into detail of how my first jump went. Let’s just say that after that jump, my second jump was a breeze. They had a REAL office building with real toilets and not port-a-potties! )

On Friday, my friend LTR and I will be going ATV riding at Kualoa Ranch. We’ll get to see a bunch of movie/tv locations. It’s going to be so fun! I cannot wait. My daily goal in Hawaii is to eat one passionfruit (lilikoi) item a day. So far I have been successful. We’ll see if I can keep this up! Until next time my friends…

In the past year…

I’m back from the Internet dead. Here’s a brief update on my life since my last update (just over a year ago):

  • I was promoted to Senior QA Engineer in May 2012 at my company! I still can’t believe I’ve been doing QA for four years already. Time flies when you’re old.
  • I moved into a studio in Manhattan and no longer have a roommate. Life is wonderful!
  • My company was acquired by a much larger company ( at the end of 2012. Now I can say proudly that every company I have worked out since graduating college has been acquired.
  • Went back to Taiwan in September/October 2012 with my wonderful boyfriend. This time around we had the chance to ride the High-Speed Rail (HSR) and visit Kaohsiung, Tainan and Kenting. It was really great even with the typhoon warning. We also went to the famous Taroko Gorge for a day trip with an excellent English-speaking tour.
  • Took my first programming class with Skillshare since college!
  • I turned 30 and realized it was time to change my lifestyle by eating healthier. I managed to lose about 20 pounds since July 2012!
  • Heading to Tokyo/Taipei in four days with my best girlfriends! I’m so excited. I pre-ordered our Ghibli Museum tickets. We are also going to Disney Sea!

Well that’s about it for now. We’ll see if I can update my sad site more than once a year!


Well, I updated WordPress and my theme. I seem to have lost my custom header image. I guess I’ll have to find it somewhere on my computer and put it back in! Anyway, it has been a pretty rough 2012. My boyfriend has deployed to Afghanistan (again) for four months. Meanwhile, work has been pretty insane with deadlines. To top off my January, I found out during a work meeting that my Agong (grandpa) passed away on Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning Taiwan time).

I have great memories of Agong. He was always playing with me. He was a fierce Chinese checkers opponent. In his later years, when he started to get sick, he would cling to certain memories of each grand child. For me, he always spoke about how I would always go to the airport to pick up Ama and Agong with my dad. After a few months, they would pack up and then I’d go to the airport to drop them off with my dad. Back in the day, non-passengers could go as far as security to send off their loved ones. He spoke about how I would always ask why they had so many kids and why they couldn’t just stay with my family. Then I would cry at the airport because I didn’t want them to leave me. I totally remember crying and waving through the glass window to my grandparents as they walked away through security.

It scares me how I’m getting older and that death is just so much more real now. Now, I feel like that little girl again. I don’t want my Agong to leave me. cry

Sadly, I will be returning to Taiwan in a month to say my final farewells to Agong.

My last visit with Agong in October 2010