Aloha from Hawaii!

I had quite a tumultuous week, but I am now vacationing in Hawaii, so life isn’t too bad. Yesterday, I went skydiving (second time in the past month) and it was amazing! I was bullied by the skydiving employee to upgrade my package to the “higher” jump so that I could get a 60 second freefall. She said “well if money is the issue…” No that’s not the issue! The issue is that I’m fearful of the freefall as I have trouble breathing due to terminal velocity (124 mph) winds in my face. My instructor at Pacific Skydiving, Brandon, was really good and I barely had to do any work except wave at my cameraman and blow him a kiss for the video. The view was amazing and it was well worth the fear. I guess I am kind of an adrenaline junkie? I really don’t get scared until they open the door of the airplane and the cold air rushes in and you know it’s time to jump! Once I get back home, I’ll upload some unflattering pictures of myself from the jump (the pictures are on a CD and my MB Air doesn’t have a CD drive). If you have skydiving on your bucketlist, you should definitely consider it if you’re in Hawaii. The views are beautiful and the plane actually fits more than four people. I won’t even go into detail of how my first jump went. Let’s just say that after that jump, my second jump was a breeze. They had a REAL office building with real toilets and not port-a-potties! )

On Friday, my friend LTR and I will be going ATV riding at Kualoa Ranch. We’ll get to see a bunch of movie/tv locations. It’s going to be so fun! I cannot wait. My daily goal in Hawaii is to eat one passionfruit (lilikoi) item a day. So far I have been successful. We’ll see if I can keep this up! Until next time my friends…

In the past year…

I’m back from the Internet dead. Here’s a brief update on my life since my last update (just over a year ago):

  • I was promoted to Senior QA Engineer in May 2012 at my company! I still can’t believe I’ve been doing QA for four years already. Time flies when you’re old.
  • I moved into a studio in Manhattan and no longer have a roommate. Life is wonderful!
  • My company was acquired by a much larger company ( at the end of 2012. Now I can say proudly that every company I have worked out since graduating college has been acquired.
  • Went back to Taiwan in September/October 2012 with my wonderful boyfriend. This time around we had the chance to ride the High-Speed Rail (HSR) and visit Kaohsiung, Tainan and Kenting. It was really great even with the typhoon warning. We also went to the famous Taroko Gorge for a day trip with an excellent English-speaking tour.
  • Took my first programming class with Skillshare since college!
  • I turned 30 and realized it was time to change my lifestyle by eating healthier. I managed to lose about 20 pounds since July 2012!
  • Heading to Tokyo/Taipei in four days with my best girlfriends! I’m so excited. I pre-ordered our Ghibli Museum tickets. We are also going to Disney Sea!

Well that’s about it for now. We’ll see if I can update my sad site more than once a year!